Speaking of Guilty Pleasures

I’ve been following some of the other boomer bloggers and connected with another writer, Linda Biggs, from across the pond who was published on Boomer Cafe like myself. Yesterday, she published my latest article on Music and Happiness on her blog and today, I’d like to share a fun article from her blog on guilty pleasures. We all a need a few of those to bring us a bit of joy and happiness, right?

You too can follow Linda Biggs on her blog at Penguin’s Waddle

Here is the list of her top ten guilty pleasures (by the way, I share Numbers 1 (except I prefer white), 2, and 7 along with watching The Bachelor, playing Candy Crush, and eating too many Skinny Cows). Read her amusing article below and then share with me your guilty pleasures! 

Speaking of Guilty Pleasures…Here’s My Top Ten

……and I demand to know yours too. 

Anyway, back on track.  Here’s my list….

1.  Red wine.
It’s good for you in small quantities.  I like to try it out twice to see if the first small quantity worked.

2.  Chocolate.
But you know this already and it’s probably on your own list.  Dark chocolate is good for you in small quantities. I like to try it out twice to see if the first small quantity worked.  I think I said that about red wine too.  Well, you have to make sure.

3.  Sleeping.
I shouldn’t feel guilty about this, but I do.  I can nap for England, sometimes three times a day.  Grumpy Trousers must be so bored.  It’s no wonder he retreats into his man-cave!

4. BBC Radio 4. 
No longer a guilty pleasure.  Just a complete and utter pleasure.  If you haven’t indulged yet I suggest you tune in for their play and book readings.  I’ve often sat in the supermarket car park listening to the end of something rivetting.  Can’t possibly go shopping until I know who’s done it!

5.  Burlesque.
I absolutely LOVE burlesque.  Done properly it’s not in the least but rude, but it IS cheeky and mischievous, not to mention hilarious.  It’s also beautiful, and very tasteful.

6.  Guys with deep toned, posh voices
I have been known to fall apart at the seams, rendering me a gibbering wreck when in conversation with such a man.  He ends up talking to himself!

7. Liam Neeson
He’s tall, he’s Irish. He’s good looking. That’s all.

8. Facebook and Twitter
I’m not addicted to FB or Twitter.  I visit my own pages on there 2-3 times a week for catch-ups with chums etc.  I like to take a look at my Penguins Waddle page most days though in case a follower has commented.  They don’t very often but I live in hope.

9.  Buying music
I can’t help it.  I hear it, I like it, I have to have it.  There and then.  Thank goodness for Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

10.  Kindle books
Aside from my photography stuff, Kindle books are my biggest indulgence.  As with buying music, I see an appealing ad for a Kindle book and it has to be bought there and then.  I rarely buy expensive ones however.  The prices I pay vary from £1.99 to absolutely free.  I’ve had some brilliant books for those prices, but they are now stacking up in the Kindle. I need a nice long holiday to be able to catch up on the reading.

I have FAR more guilty pleasures than the ones I’ve mentioned.  Maybe I’ll list numbers 11-20 another time.

C’mon, off-load some of your own guilty pleasures here.  There can’t be just me, surely?

5 thoughts on “Speaking of Guilty Pleasures

  1. Cat

    Hey, Julie,
    Your post makes me realize that as a Type-A-gotta-work-all-the-time, I am pitifully devoid of guilty pleasures. Oops, wait a minute —– Does a Nutella and peanut butter sandwich count? Hope so. Then I won’t feel so much like a Puritan.

  2. Diane Dragoff

    My guilty pleasures are:

    1. Reading all that is available on line about all sorts of subjects, then connecting with the writer or subject of the article. That’s how I found you and many other interesting people around the world.

    2.Meteorology-I’ve become a full-blown weather nut. Timely, with global warming. May go back for a degree after I retire.

    3.Sleep-I’ve given up on trying to sleep “normal” hours, so I go to bed early, spend a couple of hours on 1 and 2 above, sleep a couple of hours and wake to get ready for my commute. On weekends, I spend part of each day lounging in bed. Rest, it does a body good!

    4.Bicycle Riding-If I was good at it, I’d be one of those tall, lanky older ladies on the racing circuit. I ride to get the endorphine rush and pick up groceries. My goal is to easily ride a 20-mile round trip. I’ve done 18 milers, my fave is a 12 mile route; if I never make the 20, I don’t care. I have to be goal driven during the work week, ambling around on weekends is just fine.

    5.Writing-reviews, comments, emails, tweets. If I had the time to devote to it, I would blog too. Maybe when I retire, or take on more freelance writing jobs.

    6.The deep voice thing-My late boyfriend had a deep, growly voice. I keep listening, thinking another will come along, not as a replacement, but as a characteristic I adore, like dirty bond curly hair, blue eyes and a brushy mustache. Sigh.

    1. juliegorges Post author

      I love your list, Diane. And 18 miles on a bike, that’s amazing. I’m just a wee bit jealous because you are definitely in better shape than me!


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