Baby Boomer Shopping

Below are some fun items just for us baby boomers. You pay the same low Amazon prices and I get a small commission to help support the cost of publishing Baby Boomer Bliss. Enjoy shopping and thanks!

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Amazon Echo and Echo Dot: Many savvy baby boomers are crazy about this new technology with Smart speakers that feature a voice-activated assistant. Instructions can include playing your favorite music, receiving weather and news updates, setting timers, or answering random questions. This technology is also great for those with physical disabilities.

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TGIF This Grandma is Fabulous” Coffee Mug: Love this! Need I say more?

amazon larger this grandma is fabulous

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I Still Get Carded (When I Ask for a Senior Discount) T-shirt. I got carded last year. I thanked the woman profusely!

amazon still get carded t-shirt

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Grandpas Are There to Help Children Get into Mischief That They Haven’t Thought of Yet Box: So true.

amazon grandpa mischief box

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I’m a Grandma. What’s Your Super Power? Coffee Mug. Love it!

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Zumba Fitness Gold Live it Up DVD Set for the Baby Boomer Generation: For some fun exercise….

amazon zumba

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Trivial Pursuit Master Game for Baby Boomers Edition Complete Game: Just for us!

amazon trivial pursuit bb game

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Fitness trackers are great for counting steps, measuring your heart rate, estimating your calorie expenditure, ensuring you’re getting enough exercise, and monitoring the quality of your sleep. The FitBit pictured below is one of the bestselling fitness trackers and perfect for seniors since it’s easy to use, lightweight, and has a large easy-to-read screen.




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