Free Apps to Help You Get Happy

As the Partidge Family sang, “Come On, Get Happy.” Sometimes, that’s seems easier said than done, right?

Free Happy AppsWith that in mind, several happiness apps are now available to help everyone do the happy dance with Pharrell Williams. Do the apps actually work? Curious, I decided to try one out.


An app called “Happify” called out to me. For one thing, the name is catchy. Plus, although I want to be happy, I’m also cheap at heart, and the basic version is absolutely free.

Supposedly all it takes is a few minutes a day and you’ll be on the road to breaking free of negative thinking. You’ll learn to cope with stress and develop positive life-changing habits with some fun exercises and games.

According to the app you can strengthen basic happiness skills like: savoring the moment, thanking those who matter, aspiring to meaningful goals, eliminating dead end thinking, empathizing with others, reducing stress and negative thoughts, and improving your relationships.

The app claims 86% of regular users saw happiness improvements in just two months. Continue your journey until it becomes habit. Life will feel better and more fulfilling, they say.

Okay, I’m up for it. Yeah, let’s make 2015 the best year yet. Whatever helps, right?

So I joined. The app starts with a questionnaire with some pretty simple questions about how social you are, do you dwell on the past or worry about the future instead of focusing on the present, how creative you are, etc.

Next, you choose a “track” to get started. As a caregiver, I thought I’d start on the one for reducing stress and anxiety. My first assignment: list three things I’m grateful for – and the kicker that really helped me – explain why.

There were also games. The first one I tried had balloons with words that appeared on screen. You are supposed to click on the positive words to help lift your mood. The test was designed “to help you look for the positive amid the negative thoughts and events in the world around you.” By the way the word “bliss” (as in the name of my blog “Baby Boomer Bliss”) popped up. When I clicked on it, I scored 50 points! Awesome!

Another game was a form of Angry Birds where you knocked out words like stress and anxiety. That game didn’t do much for me.

After you complete the activities, Happify gives you a score. You can compete with yourself or others. What the heck. I’m giving this a shot.

Other free happy apps you might want to try:

This app is used with your smartphone. You spend about 10 minutes answering questions, then you’re contacted by e-mail or text (you choose how often you want the app to prompt you) and are asked to report what you’re doing and how you’re feeling.

A customized happiness report tracks your moods so you can learn what makes you happy, who makes you happy, and where you feel the happiest.

Happy Habits: Choose Happiness

You’ll start with a test to assess you happiness level, then use a happiness journal to record positive events and create a happy to-do list. The app tracks your progress and an audio feature helps you manage your emotions, learn to de-stress, and develop a more positive outlook on life. In addition, articles are available to help you learn more about happiness.

I’ll let you make up your own minds. There’s many more apps available than the three I listed. Who knows? A happiness app just might prove to be useful to you and provide feedback to brighten your day.

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