Five House Paint Colors That Make You Feel Happy

I recently wrote a blog for a client on the top house paint color trends for 2015 which got me thinking. Since it’s been scientifically proven that colors can affect your mood, why not try out some happy mood-brightening colors in your house if you need a quick pick-me-up?

Happy Paint ColorsNeed some ideas for inspiration? Here are a few colors you may want to consider:

Mediterranean Blue

This is one of the new hot colors for 2015 that I mentioned in my article and one of my personal favorites. Tones of blue have been shown to slow down heart rate and lower blood pressure. Pair the color with bright white for some extra impact or combine it with the colors of sand to remind you of a beautiful, calm day at the beach.


I love orange as a fun, energizing and cheerful color, but if you’re looking for something a little more subtle, apricot just might be your ticket. I like Glidden’s Apricot Nectar, a joyful shade of orange that is sure to lift your mood every time you walk in the room.

Celery Green

Want to be reminded of soothing gardens and bright green spring leaves? Mimic Mother Nature and evoke the same relaxation and refreshment as going for a stroll in the park. According to a study from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, adults feel happier around the colors green and yellow. “Bring in the colors of sunshine and spring fields,” an article on suggests. Which brings us to the next mood-boosting color…

Sunny Yellow

See all the bright happy faces on the heading of my blog? There’s a reason these smiley faces are typically a bright yellow. After all, who can resist smiling at a cheerful yellow sunflower? I actually had wallpaper in bright yellow with a touch of turquoise in my bedroom as a teen and loved it. If an intense, in-your-face yellow is not be to your liking, a light or soft yellow smacks of optimism and cheerfulness and will remind you of a bright, sunny day.

Velvety Violet

Visualize lush and lovely lavender fields in France and you’ll instantly feel a sense of calm and contentment. In the middle of a cold, dreary winter, a violet paint color will reflect light well and have a soothing effect. A deeper purple feels rich and regal. Or if you want a truly soothing color, check out Benjamin Moore’s lovely Lavender Mist.

If none of these colors suit you, the options are endless. Remember your home is a living space, so make it lively! Color is a powerful tool that can make your home feel more joyful, vibrant, and blissful.

Are you still reading? Stop. Go get rid of that drab and boring beige, grab a brush and some paint, and splash some of your favorite soulful colors on your walls!

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7 thoughts on “Five House Paint Colors That Make You Feel Happy

  1. Pearl R. Meaker

    My office is a wonderful bold, orangey-yellow on three walls and a complimentary warm gray-ish-green on the fourth and a rich yummy tan in the open former closet. It is a room I love . 🙂 None of the rooms in our small home have beige or pastel colors on the walls.

  2. Diane Topkis

    Love these colors! Mediterranean Blue is my go to color in clothes. I need to try it on the walls too. And I love Apricot. Some painting is in my future!


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