Five Fun Ways to Celebrate Spring

SpringI love this photo. I lived in Washington State for a few years and loved watching the crocuses break through the frozen soil to announce that spring was right around the corner.

The bright tulips and daffodils never failed to cheer me up. In Puyallup, where I lived, the town even had a daffodil parade to celebrate the season.

I now live in the California desert. We’re not exactly famous for crocuses or daffodils here. However, spring still manifests itself in beautiful ways. The wildflowers bloom, the jacaranda trees explode in purple flowers, and even the cactus display flowers in brilliant colors.

Wherever you live, you can’t help loving springtime. Longer days brighten the sky, birds sing joyfully, and trees begin sprouting bright new leaves.

How can you celebrate this spectacular time of year? Here are five simple ideas to get you started:

  1. spring vegetablesIf you’re looking for a way to bring the beauty of spring and nature back into your hectic life, think about planting a garden. After many years of threatening to plant a vegetable, herb, and flower garden, I finally did! One of my favorite activities is picking out seeds or plants at the garden center with my grandchildren and planting them when we get home. The joy of walking outside, enjoying the beauty of greenery shining in the sun, the sound of bees buzzing nearby, plopping an irresistible strawberry in your mouth, and then gathering vegetables and deliciously aromatic herbs for a recipe – what better way to celebrate spring! If you don’t have a garden, visit a Farmer’s Market instead.
  2. spring picnicEat al fresco! Spring is finally here and we have that precious extra hour’s daylight. Head outside, have a picnic at the park or some other scenic area, and enjoy eating fresh food with a view. Or simply throw a bright and cheerful tablecloth on your patio table, add some fresh cut flowers into soup cans painted in spring colors, and a few floral napkins. Then enjoy a magical spring dinner with the family outside to welcome the season. Or simply eat outside at a local cafe. 
  3. Take a hike. This is a no brainer, but put on your hiking boots, pack up some water and snacks, and go discover the great outdoors. As I pointed out in my blog, Hiking and Happiness, no big surprise, a new study shows that walking or hiking in nature can bring us inner peace, joy, and happiness. Or if you prefer, gently stroll on a deserted beach with your loved one or take a bike ride with your kids or grandkids. Just get out there!
  4. Bring the outdoors in. Open your windows and listen to a spring shower or simply enjoy a gentle spring breeze. Take a few calming deep breaths and enjoy all that fresh air.  Buy some showy tulips or daffodils with their bright, cheery colors or clip some spring blossoms and display them in your home.
  5. spring kiteWhen was the last time you flew a kite? Bring out that inner child hiding inside. This carefree activity can get you outside, help you focus on the present moment, let go of stress and worries, and do something just for the sheer fun of it.

Don’t let spring zip by without some kind of celebration. These are just a few ideas, I’m sure you can come up with more. In fact, I’d love to hear them in the comment section below.

Whatever you choose to do, shed that winter coat as soon as the weather allows, grab a pare of scandals, and get out there and enjoy the glory of spring!

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